Our Mission

We provide quality, hands-on, creative, individualized learning streams to each child, meeting them at their level, 

while giving them space to grow into happy life long learners.

We work collaboratively with parents, specialists, and educators - creating an educational experience and community like no other!

What we offer

Drop-off Day Program 

We offer a variety of project based, multidisciplinary classes in our two day a week drop-off day program at our Bethel, CT location.


Our homeschool friendly specialists include: speech and language pathologists, Orton-Gillingham trained reading specialists, writing, math instructors, and more.


Our team provide support to new homeschoolers as well as veteran homeschoolers with curriculum selection, time management, work/school/ life balance, and more. 


We pride ourselves in having an energetic and compassionate community. We recognize that homeschooling is a journey that is even more enjoyable when surrounded by likeminded individuals who like to have FUN!

Our Approach

Learning Streams is an alternative education center that offers classes, along with private tutoring, an array of specialists, and educational consulting.

We provide a unique support system for parents looking for an alternative to traditional learning options or need to outsource part of their child's education. 

At Learning Streams, students can attend our two day a week drop-off program, workshops, and events to work around their individual needs and schedule.

Private tutoring can be scheduled to offer additional support either on-location or online.

  1. 1
    Over the past four decades, homeschooling numbers have soared to nearly two million students in the US in 2019, moving from the sidelines to a mainstream education option. That number has more than doubled to nearly 5 million homeschoolers since the pandemic. 
  2. 2
     According to the most recent federal data, more parents are choosing homeschooling out of “concern about the school environment”—specifically in regard to “safety, drugs, and negative peer pressure.” 
  3. 3
    Most peer‐reviewed studies show that homeschoolers outperform their peers and have more positive life experiences, including greater career satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

We Believe...

That every child has many gifts they can offer the world but need a safe place to develop them

That anyone can learn to think outside of the box and become more creative

Lesson plans are great but curiosity is king and so are rabbit holes

The world is full of colors, you just need to look for them

Anyone can make an impact on our world for good

Children are like sponges and we should try hard to let them soak up whatever they can

There is so much more to life than just reading, writing, and math

Homeschooling is NOT school at home

We should make new discoveries every day - about ourselves, our world, anything - discover!

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