Whole Child Program

Our Wish for All Children

"When life throws obstacles in your way, be like water and either cut through them or form a new path that will lead you to your goals and dreams."

In today's fast paced world, being a child isn’t what it was like for their parents or grandparents. Children are inundated with various forms of media, have to quickly learn to adapt to change, and often have to make snap decisions. As a result, many children have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

We feel that children need to be taught how to navigate the often complex situations that they find themselves in. The Whole Child Program was developed as a framework that will serve as a toolbox of sorts so when faced with situations and questions in life, they will have an arsenal of answers in their back pocket to effectively know how to live a happy, healthy, and productive life.  

What is the Whole Child Program?

Working with a network of collaborators and educators, we have created an exciting program that combines health, wellness, movement, mindfulness, executive functioning, social psychology, cooking and nutrition to give students a hands-on, super cool alternative to traditional health classes - while offering so much more! The goal of this program is to offer students an extensive toolbox to learn valuable life skills that are needed to be successful healthy adults.

Why is this program so special?

This program has been developed exclusively as a partnership between Dr. Patty Corso, and our Learning Streams staff to create a hands-on, project-based, immersive health and wellness experience from a unique multidisciplinary viewpoint. We believe this is a one of a kind program that is not being offered anywhere else either in person or online. By offering many elective classes that can be taken individually or together for a complete experience, we are joining parents on the journey to make parenting a bit easier!

At Learning Streams, all of our programs are curated to incorporate a wide variety of resources that appeal to curious students that thrive in a more comprehensive academic approach to learning. All of our classes are presented in a way that engages students in a multisensory experience that assists to retain the information presented to them. Students are so engaged that most of the time they don’t even realize how much they are learning! We are “think outside of the box” learning at its finest! Storytelling, experimentation, art, discovery, and science all collide during these classes!