Our Programming

Learning Streams is an alternative education center that offers in-person and online classes, along with private tutoring, an array of specialists, and educational consulting. We provide a unique support system for parents looking for an alternative to traditional learning options or need to outsource part of their child's education. 

Our programs are curated to incorporate a wide variety of resources that appeal to curious students that thrive in a more comprehensive academic approach to learning. All of our classes are presented in a way that engages students in a multi sensory experience that assists to retain the information presented to them. Students are so engaged that most of the time they don’t even realize how much they are learning! We are “think outside the box” learning at its finest! Storytelling, experimentation, art, discovery, and science all collide during these classes!

Sunflower Studio LLC and the Learning Streams program are enrichment classes.  Parents understand that the education of their child  is the responsibility of the parent.  We do not grade work, provide report cards, offer educator conferences, and are registered with the State of CT as a tutoring center and are not a school. We are registered as an LLC and tutoring fees that are paid are not tax deductible. 

While our classes are academic based, they do not fully replace work that is completed at home. Parents that enroll their children in any classes must continue to teach their children at home and are responsible for their child’s education and can not hold Sunflower Studio LLC, the Learning Streams program, educators, specialists, independent contractors, or the Executive Director liable for their child's education and educational outcome.