2021 Gift Guide

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Collaborative Ornaments

Sets of 2 for $12.00

All students have had a chance to work on decorating various ornaments and contributed different design aspects towards these collaborative ornament sets. Each ornament is styled in a similar fashion to the image but will feature details unique to the students that decorated it! 

Natural Dog Biscuits
Bag of 6 for $12.00

The cooking students have made these natural biscuits out of pumpkin, oats, and a touch of honey that are good enough that they had to try a bite too! They taste tested them in their dogs at home for the stamp of approval. 

Artful Geometry Note Cards
Set of 6 for $12.00

Featuring original designs by the Artful Geometry students and printed on card stock, includes envelopes. 

Photo Bookmarks
Set of 6 for $12.00

Streams Society students have created an art installation presented on bookmarks of their creative project titled: Forks