For Parents looking for a high touch, personalized, concierge level service in their homeschooling experience.

Curated Education for Individualized Learning Streams - Concierge Service

As a concierge service member, you and your child will be catered to and supported by our team every step along your journey. This is not just a program but an educational experience like no other!

This is for the Parent who

  • Wants a high touch, personalized, concierge level service in their homeschooling experience.
  • Is looking for a team to plan and execute their child’s individual learning streams.
  • Needs a team with additional tutoring and services such as reading specialists, speech and language pathologists, writing specialists, individual tutors, and more!
  • Needs a combination of classes and 1:1 support that is tailored to their child's individual educational needs.
  • Is wanting a more academic homeschooling experience.
  • Requests a portfolio of work documenting child's progression and development in core subject areas.
  • Feels that written documentation, feedback and transcripts documenting their child's academic journey is important.
  • Desires inclusive 1:1 support with an education team on their individual child progression and pathway.

Concierge Service Plan Includes:

  • Support throughout the full academic year, July-June, with our specialized team.
  • Full intake and evaluation to see where your child is now to co-create goals for the year moving forward.
  • Assistance in curating your child’s individual schedule with classes from our faculty, tutors, and specialists, as well as recommendations for external programs for a well-rounded child.
  • Identification and selection of the perfect specialist(s) to work with your child to support their individual needs and document a portfolio of their work to see their progression.
  • Managing your child's schedule with all of their classes and each of their specialists so that you don’t have to.
  • Specialists to work with your child on site at Learning Streams - no need to drive your child around. 
  • Quarterly report for your child in each of their classes documenting their learning journey, projects accomplished, as well as progression.
  • Meetings once a quarter in-person to go over the reports and assess your child’s progress. We will make any adjustments or changes to your child’s schedule that need to be made based on the progress reports.
  • Work on helping to foster independence and self-ownership in your child during their academic journey and keep in touch with them closely on what is and isn’t working for them and their preferred learning method.
  • Handling all payments to tutors and specialists so you don’t have to make out individual checks - less hassle for you!
  • Pricing breakdown of services provided according to both your specifications and our recommendations for complete transparency of the services you will be receiving.

We look forward to working with you and your child so you can relax and enjoy an education that flows!