About the Founder

“Teaching is an instinctual art, mindful of potential, craving of realizations, a pausing, seamless process.” 

― A. Bartlett Giamatti

Adrianne Roberts

Founder, Executive Director


Welcome! It's so nice to meet you! You probably want to know a little bit about who I am and why I do what I do!

I am a highly organized and creative person that has always felt that I see the world a little bit differently than others. I chalk it up to being homeschooled during a time when homeschooling was the uncool thing to do. I also believe that spending my life finding ways to infuse creativity and whimsy into everyday situations also makes me a bit unusual. 

I said I would never homeschool my son. I didn’t want him to feel like he was missing out on a normal life. Once he went to kindergarten, I returned part time at an interior design and high end furniture store where I first began work after my design internship in high school, as a merchandise librarian. This was the best of both creative and organizational efforts combined! Just as I began to settle in, my husband returned to his prior employer in Connecticut. Then the 2009 recession hit and I was the last hired and the first laid off.

Not one to sit still for long, I began Fragrant Offering. I learned all about essential oils before they were mainstream and received my Level 1 aromatherapy certification while crafting beautiful products in my kitchen.

Noticing that William was unhappy in school and that I was still at home, it became apparent that homeschooling was a viable option for us. I was still adamantly against it but there was a full day, drop-off program that was offered by our local YMCA that was held entirely outside. This gave me a chance to continue developing and running my business, Fragrant Offering.

Despite the fact that the recession was the most difficult time for our family, William began to thrive at home. I began to teach at local co-ops, became an active leader with the Fairfield County 4H organization, and to privately tutor students. I started to see not just my child, but other homeschooled students thriving in my classes. I began to realize this might be more than just a fluke, I had a unique way of understanding where each student was coming from and could help them to connect the learning dots. Parents were saying that their children were so excited for class and that they randomly recited class information at home, in stores, and were naming the Classical Orders on local buildings from the car window - what was I doing to get their child so excited about columns, math, and plants?!?

That was when I decided to work with another homeschool mom to create an alternative learning facility to get children of all ages super psyched about learning! We opened our doors in January 2017 with 15 beta families. At 32,000 square feet, I felt a bit disconnected from families and to maintain a facility of that magnitude, you must become a bit corporate. This led to my departure as Operations Director in September but led to me becoming a creative educator which is just the right hat for me!

My classes became more established and once William graduated high school, I felt it was time to create my own smaller and more personable community.

Learning Streams has been a labor of love, a heartfelt project to give children a safe space to grow and thrive. A place where children can’t wait for class, hug their teachers, and bond with their friends. A dream come true!

Get to know me a little more

My Favorite Thing About Teaching

I am happiest while watching students have their "aha" moment - the realization that all of the dots are magically connected and it comes together beautifully!

Most Used Quote: "It is what it is but will become what you make it."

The kids think that Tutu Tuesday is for them but the reality is I have a killer Tutu collection I like to show off.

Students are used to me randomly breaking out in song. Sometimes it’s a song they know but if I really need to get their attention, it’s one made up on the fly!

When I see students start to get ants in their pants that signals to me it's time for an impromptu dance party.

I am not optimistic and upbeat by nature. I have spent years working to see the glass half full! Mindset is powerful which is why we teach that at Learning Streams!

I’m like cilantro - you either really love me or not. Just like homeschooling, I’m not for everyone and that’s okay!

I have been an entrepreneur since I can remember. From having my baby sister model my “luxury bedding collection” out of the family couch cushions at 8, helping seniors in their homes at 10, babysitting at 13, countless MLM schemes as a young adult, to creating natural bath and body products in my kitchen, I have been determined to carve out my own path. Traditional 9-5 work environments just don’t work with my unique ideas and thought processes.

I see learning pathways differently. They just magically come into my head when I work with a student and then I know how to help them to learn the best way for them. 

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