Student Story: A Vacation of Magic & Wonder

Submitted By: Storyteller Student

As part of the “Storytelling/Story Writing” course, students were given an assignment to create and compose text for a vacation brochure describing a tailor-made trip to an extraordinary place. (beckoning some of us to immediately wish we could sign up for this experience)

Do you like books, magic and wonder? If so, this vacation is for you!

High in the shimmering peaks, there is a lake. It is a long trek through the enchanted woods, around the rim of a giant volcano, and past a mountain-sized tree to get there, but it is worth it. For in the lake there is an island, lush with foliage, where you will never age. And on that island there is a library. 

Half of the lake is frozen, filled with not only regular penguins and polar bears, but also giant penguins, and polar bears made of silver with eyes made of giant gems. The other has a hot spring perfect for swimming, with stunning views of the colossal tree. Right where the hot spring meets the ice, pouring from the antlers of a giant deer that lives up in the tree’s branches, sparkling as it flows down the cliff, twining between crystals, is a massive waterfall. This waterfall is constantly creating and teleporting from all over the world random mythical and non-mythical creatures that spill forth from the water. 

If you decide to travel from the hot spring side, you will only be able to get to the island by row boat. Should you look over the side of the boat, you will see thousands of different kinds of colorful fish, turtles, and friendly sea dragons with scales of breathtakingly beautiful shades of blues and greens. 

If you approach from the frozen side, you can travel by dog sled, drive a polar bear sled, or even ride on giant penguins never seen in the non-magic world. You will go past small icebergs, ice dragon lairs, and Charickup nests (Charickups are mythical ground squirrel-like creatures that burrow into the ice). 

When you arrive at the island, you will hike through a jungle full of chirping monkeys and exotic toucans. After walking for a while, you will arrive at the library. The outside is gigantic, but the inside is even bigger. The building is made of rich mahogany, and is carved into beautiful designs of magical creatures. When you walk inside you will see giant moving spiral staircases, stretching impossibly high and out of sight. 

There are bookshelves everywhere: in the walls stretching high above, in the sides of the spiral staircases, on the moving bridges shaking slightly as they move. Everywhere you glance you see books. But, if you look closely at the shelves, you will notice something strange. The books aren’t facing spine out; they’re facing the opposite way!  This is because they are actually the back ends of every book ever made! That means you can read any book that ever existed, even destroyed ones! 

If you look up, you will see books flying overhead. The books are being carried by invisible wind spirits. These wind spirits sort and tend to the books in the library. You could ask them for any book ever written, and they will not only get it for you, but also translate it, if you wish.

Once you choose a book, sit down on one of the many chairs in the lounge. There are beanbag chairs, wicker chairs, beautifully carved wooden chairs, and many more. There is every kind of chair conceivable, and some that you would never imagine! There are chairs that walk, chairs that fly, chairs that bounce, and chairs that slither. There are chairs that swim, chairs that hover, chairs that crawl, and even chairs that pounce. Or if you want, you could just find a quiet corner to sit in and read. 

And if you are lucky, you might even see the mythical librarian, who created this library and all the enchantments within it!

So, you may have thought libraries have used every trick in the tome, but this vacation is sure to be one for the storybooks!